a) Child Education: Tallafi is dedicated to fostering a love for learning among children. We support child education initiatives by providing learning materials, scholarships, and creating conducive learning environments. Through targeted programs, we aim to increase school enrollment, reduce dropout rates, and ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive quality education.

b) Training and Re-training of Teachers: Quality education begins with well-trained educators. Tallafi invests in the professional development of teachers by organizing training and re-training programs. These initiatives focus on modern teaching methods, subject knowledge enhancement, and the use of technology in education. By empowering teachers, we enhance the overall quality of education in the regions we serve.

c) Family Literacy: Tallafi recognizes the importance of a literate community. Our family literacy programs aim to uplift entire households by promoting literacy among adults and parents. These initiatives include adult literacy classes, reading programs, and community libraries. By fostering a culture of reading and continuous learning, we contribute to the holistic development of families and communities.

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