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    We believe in providing education for all and creating opportunities for everyone. Our commitment to building resilient communities shines through in every project, reflecting our dedication to inclusivity, empowerment, and positive impact.

Tallafi UK, established in April 2019, is a dedicated charity organization based in North Wales, United Kingdom


Empowering Northern
Nigerian Communities

Tallafi UK, established in April 2019, is a dedicated charity organization based in North Wales, United Kingdom. Our mission is deeply rooted in building resilient and sustainable communities, and we work in close collaboration with our sister organization, Tallafi Education Initiative (TEI). Together, we strive to make a positive impact by providing basic education and empowering community groups.

Our Mission

Building sustainable communities through Education and Empowerment.

Our Vision

We are committed to providing quality education and basic amenities to pupils’ in schools and their families to improve their living conditions.

Our Philosphy

our philosophy is grounded in the belief that every individual, regardless of their background, deserves access to education and the opportunity to thrive in a supportive community

What We Do

Tallafi UK aims to build resilient and sustainable communities through the provision of basic education and empowering the people groups. Tallafi UK provides the means by which the communities can access formal and informal education, for groups within the community to develop vocational skills and for all residents to be provided with, and have access to basic social amenities in these communities. Consequently, empowering the communities with sustainable interventions and improving the rural livelihoods in Northern Nigeria. For operational purposes, Tallafi is designed to execute her projects under these headings:

build and renovate schools, dig bore holes, build dispensaries

a) Child education b)Training and re-training of teachers c) Family literacy

a) Young women in early Marriage b)Youth c) others

We are committed to maintaining open communication with our supporters, members, and partners

Impactful Partnerships

Tallafi UK has forged meaningful partnerships with organizations like the British Nigeria Education Trust, Waterloo, Wales4Africa, and others. These partnerships not only provide financial support but also allow us to leverage expertise and resources, creating a collaborative force for positive change.